You can’t put the future on pause

We can’t predict the future – but we can anticipate it. We harness diversity at scale and aggregate the smarts of many stakeholders to make sense of the variables in play and model plausible future states. Using these models, we can identify and stress-test options and help deliver and drive better next steps.

We help leaders see and shape their futures.

We operate in a world increasingly flooded by random noise, seemingly disconnected events and frequently unanticipated outcomes. Accelerated By Design uses collaborative design – a process rigorously tested and repeatedly proven – to quickly tap into the unsurfaced understanding of groups, teams and organizations. We help turn noise into signal and undifferentiated information into actionable insight. Where you find confusion and contradiction, we help foster collaboration and build commitment. Don’t just meet the future; collaborate to make it.

Diversity at Scale
Diverse people and perspectives, gathered at a meaningful yet manageable scale, lead to diverse insights and an enhanced range of options.
Expanded Stakeholder Knowledge
More people know more. Collaborative design helps you tap into the thoughts and opinions that matter most to your organization.
Aggregate Cognitive Capacity
Collaborative design is a process created to capture the benefits of exponentially increased insight.
Your Preferred Future
Quickly generate and evaluate future scenarios based on today’s realities to take better next steps.
Stakeholder Buy-In
Collaborative engagement turns your stakeholders into aligned and committed champions.

Leadership Futures Forum

An event series. By leaders, for leaders. Impactful conversations. Actionable insights.

Leadership Futures Forum brings a select group of senior leaders together to dig into critical future issues through collaborative conversation. Each event is led by a senior leader and curated by a team of executive sponsors. Employing a leading facilitation methodology, we replace sit-and-listen talks with active participation, maximizing interaction to quickly leverage group insights and generate better intelligence about the future.

As a result of concerns about COVID-19 we are postponing our first Leadership Futures Forum.
Upcoming dates for Leadership Futures Forum events are in June and October and we will continue to watch the situation, following the advice of health experts, and provide updates on those events as the dates draw near.

April 1: A Future Without Privacy

Social media, proliferating apps, and video surveillance have changed the privacy equation. Ubiquitous computing, the Internet of Things, and AI will take it to the next level as the real world continues to merge with the digital.

What will the post-privacy world look like? What are the implications for your organization, and what steps can you take to get ready? Join a group of senior leaders for a preview of the state of privacy in 2030.

Led by:
Sergei Beliaev, EVP and CSO, DLT Labs, former CIO Walmart Canada

Executive advisory provided by:
Ian Brooks, CEO Hello Fresh Canada
Andrea Poptsis, COO/CFO; past CFO Invictus Games Toronto
Garry Chan, Maple Leaf Angel, SaaS & Fintech Advisor at VentureLab
Tyler Calder, Marketing executive and educator; VP of Marketing at PartnerStack

Tickets are limited, and available by invitation only.

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